This University Computer & Informatics Centre (UCIC) is striving to develop the University as "Digital University" and working rigorously to provide the excellent infrastructure facilities with High end systems controlled by Dell Make power Server. Central UPS with a power back up of 8 hours is controlling all the All-In-One Systems connected via optical fibre LAN covering the whole Campus. 24*7 Internet facility with 100 Mbps is available for students as well as staff. UCIC is continuously monitoring and updating all the information on university website as well as on various social media portals. The UCIC established a Computer Centre with the objective of providing readily available facilities of computer to the students and teaching and non-teaching staff of the University. It also purports to automate administrative and secretarial wings of the University with the aim to cater to the needs of the entire University. University Computer & Informatics Centre (UCIC) is providing opportunity to enhance Professional Knowledge among students. One Language lab established to improve communication skills of the students in order to compete in the era of Globalization.


The following works regularly performed by UCIC:

1.  Software Maintenance/Development

2.  Hardware Maintenance.

3.  Maintenance of LAN Networking.

4. Maintenance of Wi-Fi Networks.

4. Maintaining 6 (Six) computer Labs i.e.

                       (i) Language Lab.

                       (ii) Management Lab.

                       (iii) Psychology Lab.

                       (iv) Computer Science Lab.

                       (v) Physical Education Lab.

                       (vi) University Computer and Informatics Centre (UCIC) Lab.

5. SMS facilities to the staff/students.

6. Biometric Attendance of Teaching/Non-Teaching Staff Members.

7. Biometric Attendance of SC/OBC/Scholarship Students and M.Phil./Ph.D. Students also.

8. Cashless File of University regularly submitted to DC office.

9. Website updates.

10. Digital University support to all Branches/Departments e.g.  College Branch, Registration Branch & Examination Branch etc.


The following projects have  implemented by the UCIC:


1.     Established Computer Centre with 30 Computers.

2.     New University Website.

3.     Fully Wi-Fi Campus.

4.     Fully LAN Campus.

5.     Aadhar Enabled Biometric Attendance System (AEBAS) for teaching and non-teaching staff members. 

6.     Sever Room.

7.     E-Procurement System.

8.     University registration on the portal of Haryana Welfare Scheme. 

9.     New Domain Name i.e. registered under the category of Education and Research Institutions.

10.  Biometric Attendance of Students (Ph.D./M.Phil./SC/OBC)

11.  Online Admission portal of session 2016-2017 and 2017-2018.

12.  Help desk for online admission of session 2016-2017 and 2017-2018

13.  Fees reconciliation of session 2016-2017.

14.  Online Educational Colleges Affiliation Portal.

15.  Online support for Secure Remote Paper Distribution (SRPD) implementation for all Educational Colleges of Haryana.

16.  Online practical marks feeding portal for all Educational Colleges of Haryana.

17.  Launched the Mobile application for students.

18.  Wireless Solution for Landline phones based on IPBAX technology.

19.  Live webcasting. 


 The UCIC is communicating with the following agencies as Nodal Officer:


1. Haryana Raj Bhavan, Panchkula. - Chief Minister’s Grievances Redressal Web-Portal.

2. ERNET INDIA, Dept. of Information Technology, Government of India. - EDUROAM (Educational Roaming)

3. Haryana State Electronics Development Corporation Ltd., Sec. 17 B, Chandigarh. – Integration of University portal with CSC-SPV portal

4. National e-Governance Division, DeitY, University Grant Commission, New Delhi.-Digital India Week.

5. Haryana Knowledge Corporation Ltd., Panchkula, Haryana-134109. - Digital University Framework and e-suvidha.

6. Department of Higher Education, Haryana. & National Informatics Centre, Jind – Aadhar Enabled Biometric Attendance System.

7. National Informatics Centre, Chandigarh – Centralized File Management System (CFMS)

8. High Court Punjab and Haryana – Case Management System (CMS) i.e. E-Dairy. 


The following projects are in progress by the UCIC:

1. EDUROAM (Education Roaming).

2. Integration with CSC-SPV Portal.

3. National Knowledge Network (NKN).

4. Video Conferencing and Live Class Room Monitoring System of affiliated Colleges.

5. Digitization of Office Record.

6. University Centralized File Management System (UCFMS).

7. Electronic Data Processing (EDP) Cell.

8. Online Payment Gateway and Electronic Payment Services.