Vision of CRSU

Vision of CRSU

To create the most conducive ambience for the creation and dissemination of knowledge guided by innovative thinking, scientific enquiry,
sublime human values, sustainable ecology, and democratic ethos.

Vision 2030

  • To be a part of Top 200 Universities of the World
  • To develop Highest Level of Skills in Every Field/Course being taught in the university
  • To produce CEO’s of Top Companies of the World
  • To Develop the Spirit of Entrepreneurship in our students to make the our country International Employment Hub
  • To make Bharat No. 1 in the world
  • To Make better Citizens
  • To produce the World class Researchers
  • To patent the Innovations of Staff and Faculty

Mission of CRSU

  • To celebrate the national traditions, culture, heritage and folklore while engaging in the cutting edge research in emerging spheres of knowledge.
  • To explore the unmapped horizons of knowledge.
  • To focus on quality, access, relevance and innovations in each discipline.
  • To be a global name in the field of education, research and innovations.
  • To establish linkages with repute organisations at national and international level for the exchange of ideas and collaborative research.
  • To create a student-centric and participatory academic environment.
  • To maintain coordination with various stakeholders including Government, Industry, Community, etc.
  • To devise the curriculum in consultation with the prestigious organisations/universities to ensure relevance across the globe.
  • To inculcate sound human values among the learners.
  • To practice multidisciplinary and inter-disciplinary approach in dissemination of knowledge.
  • To impart the soft skills among the learners to ensure employability.
  • To ensure sound integrity, ethics and values among the students and faculty.
  • To ensure zero tolerance for indiscipline and irresponsible life style.
  • To ensure the horizontal and vertical expansion of academic agenda in phase manner.
  • To encourage creativity, participation, cultural exchange and innovative practices in curriculum.
  • To establish the University as the pride of the region within ten years of its inception.
  • To create world class infrastructure to facilitate the students to engage in rigorous academic and research activities.

To contribute in the development of the neighbouring community through social outreach initiatives.