Public Relation Office (PRO)

 Public Relation Office (PRO) Official

Directorate of Public Relations

The Directorate of Public Relations of the University is actively executing it dynamic role for the all-round development of all the Departments as well as University as a whole. Not only has this, after affiliation of all B. Ed colleges of Haryana State, the Directorate of Public Relations performed media duties in all the main events of all affiliated B.Ed. colleges. Additional to these All the Directorate of Public Relations manages all the Advertisement, Media & Press duties. The Directorate regularly organises faculty Interactions & Media Interactions too. It is very well executing its role of Communication Bridge between Authorities, University employees, Students, and Society.

Structure of Directorate of Public Relations:

Prof. (Dr.) S. K. Sinha, DPRO

Dr. Balaram, PRO