The Department of English was establishment in 2014 and offers Post-Graduate Programme in English, UG (NEP-2020, Scheme-C) and P.G Diplomas in Foreign Languages. The faculty members and students are dynamically and actively engaged in the teaching-learning process and have attained National and International recognition in the form of publications of research papers and paper presentations in Seminars and Conferences. So far, 08 students have qualified JRF and 15 students have qualified UGC-NET in English. The Department organizes curricular and co-curricular activities frequently for enrichment of learning experience and holistic development of students. Text based movies are also shown to the students randomly to make their understanding of the syllabus more comprehensive. It aims to offer the knowledge of foundational texts of the background of literature (Greek and Roman Literature), contemporary literature as well as seminal texts of world literature. The objective of the Department is to produce qualified, competent, skilled and socially useful human resources. The Programme outcomes are:

  • Understanding the historical and cultural range of literature written in English.
  • Ability to comprehend and write correct English and develop strong language sense.
  • Understanding the strategies of textual interpretation appropriate to different literary genres.
  • Develop research acumen through critical thinking and learning to write dissertation at the post-graduate level.
  • Keep abreast with latest trends in literary criticism, theory and new approaches to literary interpretation and analysis.


  • Prof. S. K. Sinha, Chairperson
  • Dr. Mamta Rani, Assistant Professor (C)

Future Planning of the Department of English

The Department of English is committed to continuous growth and innovation in our academic offerings and research endeavors. Our future plans include:

Curriculum Expansion: Introducing new courses that reflect contemporary literary trends, digital humanities, and interdisciplinary studies to ensure our students are equipped with diverse and relevant knowledge.

Global Connections: Building stronger ties with international institutions to offer exchange programs and collaborative research opportunities that broaden our students' and faculty's perspectives.

Research Excellence: Strengthening our research capabilities by fostering collaborative projects, securing grants, and hosting international conferences and symposia that address global literary and cultural issues.

Achievements of the Department of English

The Department of English takes pride in its numerous accomplishments that highlight our commitment to academic excellence and community impact:

  1. Academic Excellence: NEP 2020 has been implemented at PG from the current session. B.A. (English) has been started under NEP- 2020 from the session 2023-24. Four Diplomas in Foreign Languages have been started from the session 2023-24.
  2. Innovative Research: We have published groundbreaking research in leading literary and cultural studies journals, contributing to advancements in various fields such as postcolonial studies, gender studies, and digital humanities.
  3. Student Success: Our students have achieved remarkable success, winning national essay competitions, securing competitive internships, and gaining admission to Doctorate programs. 08students of the Department have qualified JRF and 15 students have qualified NET Exam.
  4. Technological Integration: We have successfully integrated digital tools and methodologies into our curriculum, enhancing the learning experience and preparing our students for the evolving landscape of literary studies.
  5. Alumni Achievements: Our alumni have distinguished themselves in various fields, including academia, publishing, journalism, and the arts, reflecting the strong foundation and versatile skills gained from our programs.

These achievements underscore our dedication to fostering a vibrant intellectual community and our ongoing commitment to excellence in teaching, research, and service.