UMC Decisions

UMC Decision  
UMC hearing notification Feb. 2024 UG/PG courses.  
UMC decision March 2024  
UMC hearing notification December/January 2023-24 UG/PG courses  
UMC Decision meeting dated 12.10.2023  
UMC decision for hearing held on 17.08.2023.  
UMC Hearing Notification May/June 2023 UG/PG Examinations.  
UMC Decision (Hearing held on 15.06.2023)  
Notification of UMC 15.6.23  
UMC Hearing 26-4-23  
UMC List  
UMC Notification  
UMC Notification  
UG/PG & NCTE/RCI approved Programs if any (All Sem.) Offline Subjective Examinations (UMC Notification)  
Action Taken (UMC) of UG Odd. Sem. Feb. March Examinations 2022  
UMC Decision B.P.Ed., M.P.Ed. (All Sem.) Offline Subjective Examinations  
UMC Decision D.P.Ed. (All Sem.) Offline Subjective Examinations)  
UMC notification B.P.Ed., M.P.Ed.  
Action Taken/Decision (UG 6th Sem. & Appeals of UGPG February-March-2022)  
Notification (UG 6th Sem. & Appeals of UGPG February-March-2022 Examinations)  
Action Taken B.Ed.(Gen.) 1st Year, 2nd Year Offline Subjective Examinations  
B.Ed. (Gen.) Reappear UMC hearing Notification  
UMC Appeal Notification  
UMC Action Taken List Feb.- March 2022 Exams  
Additional UMC Notification