UMC Decisions

UMC Decision B.P.Ed., M.P.Ed. (All Sem.) Offline Subjective Examinations  
UMC Decision D.P.Ed. (All Sem.) Offline Subjective Examinations)  
UMC notification B.P.Ed., M.P.Ed.  
Action Taken/Decision (UG 6th Sem. & Appeals of UGPG February-March-2022)  
Notification (UG 6th Sem. & Appeals of UGPG February-March-2022 Examinations)  
Action Taken B.Ed.(Gen.) 1st Year, 2nd Year Offline Subjective Examinations  
B.Ed. (Gen.) Reappear UMC hearing Notification  
UMC Appeal Notification  
UMC Action Taken List Feb.- March 2022 Exams  
Additional UMC Notification  
Revised Notification (UMC)  
Revised Notification (UMC)  
UMC Hearing Notification (UG/PG 2022 Exam)  
Updated Result of NCTE-RCI approved Courses after decisions on unfair mean cases  
UMC Decisions (NCTE_RCI)  
Revised UMC Notification NCTE/RCI approved courses and appeals  
Action taken on Unfair Means Cases (UMCs) registered during April-2021 to August-2021 Examinations, Odd/Even Semesters (1st, 2nd and 4th Semester)/ Appeal Cases hearing held on 29.11.2021 to 07.12.2021  
UMC Meeting of BA 1st Semester is rescheduled  
UMC meeting/hearing notification  
UMC Decision Meeting Held on 12.10.21 and 13.10.21  
UMC Meeting notification (6th Sem./B.P.Ed. 4th Sem)  
Standing Committee Decisions on Unfair Mean Cases Registered during odd semester examinations 2021  
UMC Notification  
UMC Notification  
UMC Notification for 1st Sem