Training and Placement Cell Official

The Training and Placement Cell strives to provide all possible support for students in their employability like Entrepreneurship, Job Search in Corporate Sector etc. The University is providing sufficient funding to the Cell. The benefits of this funding are reflected in the preparation of students to be able to secure high-income and prestigious positions. Training and placement services operate year-round to facilitate contact with companies, NGO and Government funding agencies for entrepreneurship. Director, Training and Placement is readily available to answer any type of students’ questions or concern. The aim is to ensure that students have the information and skills they need to conduct an effective employment.

The cell regularly conducts surveys on what recruiters expect from students. The cell organizes employment promotion training with particular emphasis on grooming sessions, soft skills development, business etiquette, general personality development, effective presentation skills, interviewing skills, leadership and team building as required for industry professionals. Planning and holding workshops/seminars, and promoting internship opportunities, join the industry with summer internships, organize industry visits.

On- Campus recruitment campaigns are conducted by inviting companies from the private, public and government sectors to fill entry-level positions for university students. Placement support is not only industry/sector/vertical, but also feature-related.

Official of Training and Placement Cell

Dr. Anupam Bhatia, Director

Dr. Sitender Malik, Co-Ordinator

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