Result of ug 5th (Spl) July-2022  
Result of B.P.Ed. and D.P.Ed.  
Re_evel result of Dec-2021  
Updated result of 7103769 may-2022  
Updated Result 29-08-2022  
Updated result of MAY-2022  
UG Sem VIth and MCA Sem VIth Result May-2022  
MCA Sem V result Dec-2021  
Result of May-2022 BCA 6th,BBA 6th,BPED 4th,BTM 6th  
Result of bed 1st & 2nd year (re_apper) feb,2022  
Re_evel case result of july,2021  
Result of Dec-2021 Re-appear & 5th full  
Re-Evaluation Result NCTE/RCI Courses Odd Semester Sept 2021 Examinations  
Re-evaluation Result BA-BSc-B.Ed. and Reappear Result M.Ed. Semester-II  
Reevaluation Result UG Sep-21 Examinations  
Reevaluation Result PG Sep-21 Examinations  
Reevaluation Result B.Ed. Second Year and First Year Reappear Candidates Sep-2021 Examinations  
Marks after Reevaluation / Rechecking of B.Ed. (General) Examination October-2021  
Updated Results B.Ed. and other Courses 08-03-2022  
Reevaluation Result of Semester VI,V,IV and I reappear  
Result Semester Based NCTE-RCI approved Courses  
Updated result Semester I Reappear III and V examinations after UMC Decisions  
Results of UG and PG Sem II and IV after UMC Decision Update  
Reevalution Result PG Semester III  
Result updates in B.Ed. Year II Regular and Reappear and I Reappear Only