Guidance & Counseling Cell official

Guidance and Counselling Cell

The goal of education is the harmonious development of an individual. Education helps in fostering all aspects of an individual’s personality. Guidance has an important contribution in achieving these goals. As a    teacher, we may across youngsters who are confused and indecisive when called upon to take decisions regarding choice of subjects, career, or interpersonal difficulties. Such problems if not resolved adequately,    often create difficulties in their life. Professional guidance and counseling   are increasingly needed to take care of complexities of daily living of our students. To cater these needs C.R.S university has established a “Guidance and Counselling Cell” with the support of Honorable Vice Chancellor Prof. Som Nath Sachdeva. A team has  organized by including experts from different departments of university. This team works in collaboration with other departments of university to facilitate and stimulate the growth of university students by organizing different workshops, talks and different programs. Individual counseling facility is also provided under this cell.

 Basic Objectives of this Cell are;

• To assist the students in Career areas (Knowledge of different career options through Career Talks)
• To help them in Personal areas (Stress, anxiety, lack of self- confidence, communication skills, Development of Positive attitude, Assertiveness Training etc)
• To provide assistance in academic areas (study habits, Time management, Goal Orientation etc)

  Worthy members of this team are:
1. Dr. Alka Seth, Dept.of Psychology                                            (Convenor)
2. Dr. Ritu, Dept. of Education                                                       (Member)
3. Dr. Bhawna, Dept. of Music                                                       (Member)
4. Dr. Shiv Kumar, Dept. of Psychology                                        (Member)
5. Dr. Naveen Kumar, Dept. of Physical Education                       (Member)
     6. Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Dept. of History                                          (Member)
     7. Mrs. Jyoti Malik, Dept. of Yoga Science                                   (Member)