Accounts Branch

Dealing Work

Budget, Salary of teaching/non-teaching and staff through outsourcing agency posted in CRSU, Jind, Payment/Pre-audit of Bills, Fee Collection/Depositing in Bank, Issue of Cheques for Main/UGC/UCDL/SFS Account etc. & other relevant work pertaining to Accounts of the University i.e. Expenditure Register/Income Register/New Pension Scheme/Provident Fund Accounts of Staff/Advance from Provident Fund.

Discharge of duties and norms

The office discharges the duties as mentioned at point No. 3 under the kind control and direction of the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor and the Registrar as per the rules & regulations mentioned in CRSU Calendar & Accounts Code and as per the provisions of University Act, the decisions of Finance Committee, Executive Council & Court.

Record of the office

The office maintains record of accounts such as vouchers, cash book, receipt Books, ledger, day book, expenditure register and other relevant record relating to Accounts Branch.

Facility for information seekers

The office records and provides information regarding the office to the seekers as and when needed, with the approval of competent authority.

Channel for Supervision

Directions = Vice Chancellor – Registrar – Finance Officer – Accounts Officer – Section Officer-Assistant/Accountant/S.S.S./A/cs Clerk/Clerk/Daftri Sanctions = Daftri/Clerk/A/cs Clerk/S.S.S./Accountant/Assistant-Section Officer– Accounts Officer –Finance Officer – Registrar –Vice Chancellor


The information called through R.T.I. Act-2005 is supplied through S.P.I.O., CRSU, Jind.

University Accounts Code

Contact Number - 01681-241017