Department of History, Culture and Archaeology

The Department of History, Culture and Archaeology has been set up in the year 2014 with the aim to impart the education of history to the interested young generation. The Department also lays emphasis on the multidisciplinary approach for the better understanding of society and realizing mutual coexistence. It also marks a departure from the traditional teaching and understanding of the concerned subject by bringing qualitative shift in its curricula, teaching methodology and perception development in the realm of knowledge gain.

The Department provides M.A. Degree in Indian History, Culture & Archaeology with 50 students each in M.A. (Previous & Final year). The subjects taught at M.A. Level include specialized study of Archaeology, Ancient History, Medieval History and Modern History.



To inculcate human values in the students and propagating sensitivity towards their past the department also aims at sensitizing its students towards civilization and sustainability. The department endeavours to discuss the subject in the changing scenario of globalization and aims at inculcating global values in its students so that they can contribute towards the making of this world as a global village with peace and tolerance for other communities.


The department pays special attention to history as an open ended discourse keeping in mind the misrepresentation and distortion of facts, and relocation and reinvention of local narratives in history.