• The  Department  of  Mathematics  has  been  set  up in  the  year  2014  with  the  aim to impart the education of mathematics to the interested young     generation.
  • The    Department also     traditional   teaching  and   understanding  of   the concerned   subject   by   bringing   qualitative    shift    in  its  curricula,   teaching methodology   and   perception   development     in   the   realm  of     knowledge        gain.
  • The Department Provides  M.Sc. Degree  in  mathematics  with 50  students   each in M.Sc. Previous       &final       year.   The subjects      taught     at   M.Sc.    Level  include  specialized study of pure mathematics


To develop an understanding of Mathematics and its applications,the ability to reason and communicate mathematically as well as to assimilate new mathematical ideas,   research activities so as to build productive connection between academic and non- academic communities, an appreciation of Mathematics as a driving force in  society.


The achieve the highest standards  of excellence in teaching and research in the fields related to Mathematics by promoting the applications of   Mathematics to  solve out real life problems  using advanced techniques.


To provide a platform to the students to exploit their academic potentials and teaching skills To promote cooperation and inter-disciplinary relationship with the other teaching and research organization To arrange conferences, seminars and workshops for the promotion of research and   development in the field of Mathmatics.