May 21, 2021

Hello I am Sandeep, I pursued my Masters in Psychology from the Department of Psychology, Chaudhary Ranbir Singh University, in the session 2019-21. It was a great experience. I can say that the department of Psychology has opened up more opportunities for success and satisfaction than I could have imagined. Chaudhary Ranbir Singh University Psychology masters programme laid the groundwork through its curriculum and knowledgeable, accessible professors. The Professors not only fulfilled the education requirement but they supported and mentored me. They helped me to ensure that I can become competent, morally good and prepared me in such a way so that I can provide psychological services. In addition, the curriculum and practicum allowed me to explore and to better understand my areas of interest and prepared me for various job opportunities. The psychology department had also given me the opportunity to be involved in research experience through my dissertation work. Other research opportunities helped me to grow my knowledge of research design statistics and technical writing skills in this field. During covid 19, a successful online learning program was done by the department of Psychology. At the end of the journey of my two years Master program, I felt a positive change in my personality, like being self dependent, face the world with high confidence. I am very thankful for the department of Psychology for giving me such a great opportunity. For future aspirants it’s a great option for enhancing their knowledge in the field of Psychology.